Telling Our Parents We’re Pregnant!

This blog is a little dated… BUT we wanted to share the moments when we told our parents that we’re PREGNANT! 

SO as I sit here and type this — I am almost 19 weeks pregnant! Everything has been going pretty well! I am slowly getting my energy and starting to eat things other than carbs and junk! Missy and I did our tour at Florida Hospital for Women (Video/blog coming soon) and it got us SUPER excited for the twins and their arrival! 

We wanted to share with you the moments where we told our parents that we were pregnant! We went out to dinner for Missy’s moms birthday and got a cake that said they were going to be grandparents on it! For my parents… My poor mom had just came home from having major surgery and couldn’t move much!! We still wanted to tell them the amazing news!

Here is the video of us telling them 😉 

It took them a good minute to understand what was going on lol. Overall… they were super surprised and excited! OH and did you see those Babies R Us Deals! What a steal 🙂

-SIDE NOTE- We now know that we got two extra bases for the carseats lol. Our first parenting mistake! Oh well.. we will just give them to the grandparents! 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! I am trying to get to all of your messages and emails… I hope to reply soon! We will be posting about our Florida Hospital for women tour and our GENDER REVEAL soon! Stay tuned! 

Here are our videos/blogs leading up to this point!

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  1. Valerie says:

    Omg I just love the surprise on both parents faces.. I cant express how happy and excited I am for you guys.. What an exciting time for all of you.. I can’t wait for the baby reveal.. I am gonna try and facetime with your mom.. Love you guys so much..

  2. Janise LaBoy Cintron says:

    This is too cute and wonderful. Can’t wait to continue on this journey with ya’ll! Lots of love and best wishes.

  3. Karen Perno says:

    OMGosh, so precious. I loved the look on their faces. Your babies will be so loved.

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