Our TWIN Gender Reveal!

We are So excited to announce what our Twins are! We have to say THANK YOU to Icon Orlando for helping us pull this off… it was perfect! 

Here it is! Here is the video I put together from our  Twin Gender reveal! (Thank you Marissa for holding my camera) 

WAHOO!! We get the best of both worlds! A BOY and a GIRL! 

Here are some photos that my amazing friend Michelle snapped at the reveal… 

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We are so over the moon excited and we appreciate all the love! We can’t wait to share more with you! Look out for blogs/vlogs of our Florida Hospital for women hospital tour and our nursery!

Check out our other blogs leading up to this exciting night— HERE!


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  1. Karen Perno says:

    How exciting; congratulations!

  2. What a fun way to reveal the genders! CONGRATS! That is so exciting. Not only twins, but a boy AND a girl! You ladies are gonna have so much love in your family!

  3. Jasmine Benitez-Barnes says:

    This is so exciting! I love watching your guys journey. The reveal was so cool and unique. 🙂 The wife and I are on our journey. Had my HSG about a week ago. I for sure don’t remember it being that painful, WOW!! Not it’s just a matter of picking a donor and waiting for our next appointment to see if what the next step is. 🙂 #IUINUMBERONE
    Take care you guys!

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