My First Trimester

First of all — I have to apologize for not blogging in the past couple of weeks! We have been on cloud nine and I’ve also felt like crap!

I feel as if no one really talks about the first trimester and how hard it can be. I’m not going to lie… there were days where I felt so isolated from the world. I think I had this isolation feeling because we didn’t want to tell anyone that I was pregnant yet because of the high percentage of miscarriages that happen in the first trimester… we decided to wait. YES Missy is there for me every minute of the day BUT there were days where I wanted to scream out loud “I’m Pregnant” and couldn’t.

We spoke with the doctor and asked her when is a good time to announce to family and coworkers about the pregnancy and the way she put it was… If there were something to go wrong with your pregnancy… who would you want to be there for you?? THOSE are the people you can tell about the pregnancy. After she said that… we decided to tell our family about the good news and tell some of our coworkers who we work close with on a daily. This definitely helped me not feel so isolated.

Trying to stay calm and act “normal” at work and around others that didn’t know was super hard as well! I would be talking to someone and want to fall asleep mid convo or want to throw up on them.  Getting up at 3am every morning definitely doesn’t help the situation either! I would nap in my car sometimes before the drive home.

As far as other challenges go — I started taking notes and writing how I was feeling around week 4 .

Hormones:  I have been really really short with everyone… no patience whatsoever. I have also been really emotional (obviously this is going to happen lol) I got super mad over a baby calendar that we were filling out because we put the dates in wrong… so mad that I yelled at Missy and started crying lol. These emotions are crazy! We are really excited to become mothers but I feel like I am living in a fog. I feel bad that Missy has to do everything around the house and that I am the biggest bum!

Physical Changes: My boobs were killing me and I feel like they are growing every minute of every day. I wasn’t allowed to work out in my first trimester just because I am high risk! This also made me in such a bad mood. Even though I was so tired and sick… I wanted to be doing something active! I started walking a couple of miles every day because I was getting so antsy.

Week 5: I started getting really bad/weird dreams. I had a dream that Missy and I were in a shooing and she left me. I also had another dream that I gave birth to our twins and they were TEENAGERS! They came out as TEENS lol. During this week I had to go to the doctors appointment because I was having really bad pains when I was peeing and felt like I constantly had to go! It ended up being a UTI which I haven’t had since like middle school. They said with all of the hormones I was on and changes in my body… it was really common. They gave me a prescription and I just rested. This week is when all of the food cravings started kicking in. ALL I WANTED WAS CARBS! Bread, subs, waffles, pretzels… these were the only things keeping me alive!

Week 6: This week I was so ridiculously tired. People would talk to me and I would have to shake myself to wake up. I started turning down more gigs at work just so I could sleep!  During Week 6 Day 3… it was 100% confirmed that we were having twins! 😉

From week 6- week 9 : It was the same stuff – Super tired. Eating all the carbs. Dry heaving EVERY morning. Pounding Headache…

Week 9: I would say this was the WORST week so far. I was in the ER twice! I was so dizzy that I could barely stand. Itfelt like I couldn’t breathe and I was really weak. PLUS I had a migraine from HELL for 3 days straight. Nothing was helping the migraine. I would put ice on my head and just take a Benadryl (which is super safe to take while pregnant) just to pass out and sleep it off. I ended up calling out of work this week because I couldn’t really function.

After that terrible week.. things started getting better. I am now currently in the second trimester and somewhat having a little bit of a struggle with being nauseous and super tired… but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just wanted to share my first trimester journal with you all just because I feel like no one really talks about how isolating, draining, scary, emotional the first trimester is!

Please feel free to reach to out me with any questions that you have. If you are going through your first trimester… STAY STRONG!

Here is the video of us receiving the good news about the pregnancy and some pictures we took after the first trimester to announce the twins!

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  1. J says:

    Thanks for sharing! We’re doing IUI right now too and I love hearing your success! When I was pregnant with my son (7 years ago ?) I found some amazing hard candies at a maternity store that were for morning sickness. I didn’t have it much but when I did they were a huge help. Good luck! Enjoy it, it really does go by so fast?

  2. K says:

    I always look forward to reading your blog! IUI number 2 was today for me. Now the two week wait! Ugh!!

    1. Lou Ann A says:

      Good luck! We are doing IUI and I have 5 days left In My two week wait…not that’s I’m counting or anything
      And congrats to you and Missy! I know you will both be wonderful parents! Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Rae & Missy! You guys are an inspiration and these babies are soo blessed! Please be patient and you will eventually feel better and enjoy it more. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. Kelly says:

    Congratulations to both of you! It’s been wonderful following along with your adventures! I can’t believe you’ll be having twins – double the love!

    Rae, thank you for sharing such intimate details about how you’re feeling and how you and Missy work together. It’s inspiring to hear your story, and it gives us an awesome inside look! Wishing you two the best. Can’t wait to read more posts!

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