Broadband Light Therapy – Before & After!

The Broadband Light Therapy over at Ideal Image MedSpa is LIFE CHANGING! Missy just started the treatments and I wanted to show her process before and after!

If you haven’t heard about Broadband Light Therapy… it is a MAGICAL TREATMENT! The treatments take away brown spots, age spots, uneven skin texture, AND Sun Damage! It takes YEARS off of your complexion! All of that damage caused by harsh cleansers and the sun can be erased with BBL!

I did my treatments at Ideal Image MedSpa and I was so mad that I didn’t document the process so now I am documenting Missy’s! She was amazed by my results so she wanted to get in on broadband light therapy herself! She has SO much sun damage on her face!

Here is a little video to show you what the treatment is like and how easy it is! The healing process is different for each person but this is what Missy’s healing process looked like…

Again… She had SO MUCH sun damage!


As far as the healing process goes… the damage skin and freckles will get darker and after a couple of days.. it flakes off and it leaves your skin looking SO REFRESHED!

This was just after ONE TREATMENT! Usually people get 4-5 treatments! I can not wait to see how flawless she looks after all of the treatments!

Check out Ideal Image MedSpa for yourself. They only hire highly trained licensed nursing and medical professions for their services!

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