Everyone has a story to tell and I want to share mine with you! If one person reads my blog and it makes them change the way they think about life (in a positive way) then my job here is done!
I started writing about coming out in the LGBT world, my police wife life, and my travels and I just can’t stop! I hope you find joy, love, and laughter through my blog. OH and maybe some recipes (done by the wifey) and some pretty amazing products/businesses that I love!
You’ll find some pretty personal blogs that have to do with becoming PARENTS to our twins! The process was long and expensive but the wife and I hope to inform everyone about the process it took/takes to becoming same sex parents! 
I live in The Sunshine State and have so much love for Orlando & everything it has to offer. 
This is my creative space to share my love life, my travels, the wife’s recipes, and our lifestyle. I’m excited to share and I hope you stick around <3 
I love to VLOG my life journeys as well! Feel free to SUBSCRIBE HERE and following along!

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