The Beautiful Saint Martin

You know how you always see places pop up in your timeline and you say to yourself “one day I will go there”… Well that place for me was Saint Martin! I constantly saw the famous airplane beach (Maho Beach) pop up in my timeline and I thought I would NEVER go there! Well… surprisingly

Italy Honeymoon

Planning a Honeymoon? Or Maybe just a getaway… Italy is a must See! After my wife and I got married we decided that Italy was the place for our Honeymoon. We are both Italian (and love wine) so it was a no brainer picking Italy as our go to destination.We traveled to Rome, Tuscany, Venezia, Frascati,

Coming Out!

PhotoCredit: Heather Rice Photography If you didn’t know I am married to a woman. Yes. It’s true! 🙂 Nowadays it doesn’t seem that crazy… It’s not as foreign as it used to be. BUT for some reason… it is still news when a celeb “Comes Out” One celebrity that I will always remember “coming out”is Ellen Page.