How I Power Up My Summer!

THANK YOU to the makers of 5-hour ENERGY®  shots For Sponsoring This Post!  It is Officially Summertime and I am excited to enjoy some fun activities as a new mom! But I'm not going to lie... finding the energy to enjoy fun activities is hard!  People ask me "How do you do it?!" ALL the

First Week With Twin Preemies

 We have made it through our First week with Twin Preemies at home! This is a blog of thoughts that have gone through my head in the first week... Are they breathing? Is the swaddle too tight.? Should they have their arms in the swaddle? Could the pacifier suffocate them?  What is that noise they're

Favorite Orlando Date Spots!

We are pretty lucky here in Orlando... We ALWAYS have something to do and there is always a new place to check out! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Date spots here in Orlando! Whether you live here or if you are planning on visiting... these are spots you can check out and