First Week With Twin Preemies

 We have made it through our First week with Twin Preemies at home!
This is a blog of thoughts that have gone through my head in the first week…
Are they breathing? Is the swaddle too tight.? Should they have their arms in the swaddle? Could the pacifier suffocate them?  What is that noise they’re making? Why are their arms flailing around? What about SIDS!
So many things to worry about when you bring a baby home! Especially when there’s two and they are 4lbs and premature. 
I have probably pulled up google 200 times a day. I have read every mommy blog, doctors perspective, other peoples opinions… there is just sooo much! Why don’t these babies come with a manual?!
Some other things: 
Nothing fits them. Not even the preemie clothes!
Why do they look super uncomfortable when they’re trying to go to sleep?  Will they have Positional Asphyxia (which is a form of asphyxia which occurs when someones position prevents them to breathe adequately.)
Also their reflux! I wish I could take that away from them! They look miserable. 
All of these thoughts and questions are going through our heads during the first week with the twins at home.
Oh and I can’t forget about their body temperature and if they are eating enough. 
Plus ALL THE  breast pumping! I was getting sooo much milk in the beginning and our freezer is stocked up but we will eventually run out! I feel like I will never produce enough for BOTH of these babies! and YES I know there are supplements and cookies and all of that out there that can help with the milk production… But do I really want to pump every two hours?! What about SLEEP!  
Have I mentioned that I’ve cried every single day? It’s crazy how a woman’s body tries to get right after pregnancy. Physically and mentally… Women are warriors for sure.
GEEZ! Will these questions and thoughts ever go away. I know they will because if they didn’t… parents would literally go insane. People would never have babies because they would hear about all of the people who went insane for raising newborns.
Overall… it’s obviousy been a success because they are still breathing and growing. 
Missy and I started out staying up together and taking care of them at the same time. I mean .. there’s two of them so why not one for each right? Plus we wanted to keep an eye on both of them and make sure they were breathing. When they were in the NICU they monitored their breathing and their heart rate.. It freaked us out because we don’t have those fancy machines and wonderful nurses at home to monitor our preemies. 
 We both came to the realization that there is no point for both of us to be tired. Why are we both up at the same time?? We love doing everything together and it’s comforting to know that she is right there when I need her but it’s not good for our health! 
We started doing shifts.  Missy is taking the overnights and I do early mornings while she sleeps. This has definitely helped out. This made me so nervous at first! Missy is so good at this mom thing and I feel like I’m not. How could i do this without her?
Of course.. I ended up doing it. I was just fine. A little on edge.. but after a couple of days I got the hang of things.
This week has been life changing and I have learned SO MUCH already. 
I don’t know how single parents do it. I couldn’t do this without Missy. She has helped me physically with the healing of my csection surgery and she has helped me mentally.  
The first couple of days I kept saying.. I don’t know if I can do this. How are we going to make this work? 
I would also feel selfish and cry because I would think about how life was before them and how life is going to be now that they are here. Will we ever have our alone time again? Will we ever get a break? 
A lot of moms that I’ve talked to said that this feeling is somewhat “normal”. Just because of all of the changes that happen so quickly… it’s okay to feel this way! 
As the days go by… it gets a little easier and easier. We are getting a routine down and we are figuring this parenting life out!
My favorite is when Missy and I just look at each other and laugh hysterically. 
Plus the twins do some funny stuff! One will have the hiccups and the other will pretend to have them.
They make these sheep noises back and forth. It’s like they are already communicating.
Some of their toots sound like grown adult toots.
And These kids are sleeping through everything! The garbage disposal, the vacuum, our loud Italian family that come to visit… lets just hope it stays that way!
 Sorry if this blog is all over the place. I just wanted to fill you all in on how our first week went with our preemie twins!
We are so excited for this new adventure!
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  1. Alex says:

    Congratulations to both of you on your beautiful healthy babies!!! I love reading your blogs❤️ Just a tip: get the twins evaluated by an ENT for lip/tongue tie. Lip/tongue tie causes reflux:). Of course it could be just reflux but it doesn’t hurt to rule out lip/tongue tie:)

  2. Lola says:

    Beautiful, Sweet Babies! I’m beyond super excited for you and Missy! Thank you for sharing these precious moments of your amazingly sweet family with us ❤️
    You and Missy are doing a fabulous job and are great momma’s!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congrats on the twins! I read your post and thought you might want to know about this product called the Owlet Care Baby monitor. It monitors heart rate and oxygen levels and even tracks sleep data. I thought it might give you both peace of mind while the babies are sleeping. I haven’t used it myself, but I know others who have and they rave about them:
    Best of luck to your little family!!

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