Twins First Trip To Disney! – Pointers!

We took the twins to Disney for the first time! Besides me having a panic attack in the beginning…we had such a great time!

I will tell you one thing… It is VERY Overwhelming bringing the twins somewhere for the first time. I felt the same way when we went to the beach. All of the “Stuff” you have to pack and just making sure you are prepared is a lot! I am starting to learn that it’s alright if things don’t go perfectly and if we forget something… it’s really NO BIG DEAL.

We took the kids on the little mermaid for their first ride. Seeing their little faces light up was the most amazing thing ever. They were so blown away, shocked, happy… ALL of the emotions! We only did one ride because we knew it was going to be really overwhelming and a long day of walking around. We can’t wait to go back! The kids now have their own little annual pass magic bands!

Here are some of my pointers for you if you are taking a baby to Disney for the first time:

-Get to the park EARLY or Later in the evening.

-Schedule Fast Passes!

-Take full advantage of the Baby Care centers (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

-Bring lots of Water (or a bottle to refill) and little fans

-Bring Extra clothes (we didn’t do this and my daughter was pants less the whole day because she had an accident on them! lol)

Here is a video of our magical experience! We can’t wait to show the kids this video when they get older.

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