The Beautiful Saint Martin

You know how you always see places pop up in your timeline and you say to yourself “one day I will go there”… Well that place for me was Saint Martin! I constantly saw the famous airplane beach (Maho Beach) pop up in my timeline and I thought I would NEVER go there! Well… surprisingly my wife and our best friends made it happen!!

My wife and our friends searched for the best places to stay in Saint Martin and came across El Zafiro! It was a beautiful 7 bedroom boutique hotel right on Simpson Bay! The pictures were beautiful… besides the fact that there was no picture of the front door which kind of freaked everyone out! You never know whats real or whats a scam nowadays lol! SO my wife called the hotel to make sure that this place wasn’t fake and a rip off!…After the wife got off the phone with the owner Nicole… she said this place is legit!! SO we went ahead and booked it. We booked the trip months in advance which was good… but I hate playing the waiting game!

FINALLY our trip was here!!! We were so excited to land at the famous Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin! When we got our rental car… we drove to El Zafiro and INSTANTLY fell in love with the hotel rooms, the beach, the bar, and the OWNERS! Oh my goodness… the owners! They were so sweet and accommodating! We had free breakfast and a free drink every single day! We looked forward to that breakfast everyday!

I am not lying when I say that this was my all time favorite place I’ve been to so far. We went exploring on different beaches and we even stumbled on a nude beach with TONS of people! We went to different bars and ate lots of food! I think my favorite part of the trip was going on a catamaran! We took the catamaran from Saint Martin to Anguilla! It was the most beautiful and relaxing time! They handed us beers when we weren’t even finished with the ones in our hands… they cooked the most delicious meal on the boat…. and we stopped at different locations just to hop in the crystal clear water . I can’t stop looking at our pictures

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One reason I can’t stop looking at them is because I know it won’t look like that if we ever go back! Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma rocked their world and destroyed their beautiful island! Irma broke TONS of records!! Including being the strongest storm to ever form in the Atlantic. This just breaks my heart for the friendly island. I have been constantly thinking of El Zafiro and its owners. Their hotel was destroyed. The owners Nicole and Ed are okay! Which is what matters most…. But rebuilding hotel El Zafiro is going to take a while! They have created a goFundMe account right HERE if you want to check it out!

Once the island gets back on their fee… YOU MUST visit them! I am definitely going to go back

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