DIY Sushi Burger! SO Easy.

I have been seeing these sushi burgers pop up ALL over Pinterest so of course when my wife asked what I wanted for dinner tonight I said SUSHI BURGER! You need very little ingredients for this recipe which is also a plus! Now you can pick whatever meat you want on yours… we chose shrimp! So here it goes…

suhi ingredients

White Sesame
Rice Vinegar
Wholly Guacamole Salsa Verde
Sirracha + Just Mayo = Spicy Mayo

1.  To make the rice buns we found this incredible recipe that is spot on when it comes to the seasoning and stickiness — check it out HERE! To create the buns use a round 4.5 inch cake pan! Just fill the cake pan with rice and firmly press rice with finger tips to create the round bun shape.

2. The shrimp was cooked in a pan with soy sauce and sesame oil! Just use a table spoon of each! Cook them in a pan until golden brown.

3. Once you have your rice buns ready and your shrimp (or meat of choice) cooked…. Layer all of the ingredients on as you wish! We added the wholly guacamole salsa verde and spicy mayo!


sushi burger 2.jpg


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