My Second Trimester!

PHOTO CRED goes to Moments By Michelle Marie We LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! She takes all of our professional photos <3

We are about to finish my Second Trimester! It is so crazy to think about how FAST time is flying by! I wanted to share an update with you on the pregnancy and how everything is going!

[This is going to be one of my longest blogs … I’m going to put a YouTube Video up this week if you prefer to watch over reading 😉 ]

I have about two weeks left in my second trimester and things are getting REAL! If you’ve been following my vlogs/blogs.. you know a little bit about what’s been going on with my pregnancy… like the pessary being put in for my short cervix and my hospital trips ( YOU CAN CATCH UP RIGHT HERE! But I wanted to give you some more insight on how the Second Trimester as a whole has been 😉


My cravings aren’t as out of control as they were in my first trimester. When I first found out I was pregnant… all I wanted were CARBS! All I could really eat were CARBS! I’ve been able to stomach A LOT more stuff during my second trimester. And I’ve been trying to give the babies more nutritious stuff like avocados, fruits (LOTS OF FRUIT), sweet potatoes, and just more greens in general.  I feel like there were a couple of days there where all I wanted was Chick-Fil-A! Then there were a couple of days where ALL I wanted was a burger! But there hasn’t really been days where I force the wife to run out and grab me something because I am craving it.

There have been some nights where the wife made dinner and I would take a couple of bites and just couldn’t do it. It made me feel soooo bad because I HAVE NEVER not liked anything she has made. She literally is THE BEST cook I know! On the nights where I don’t really have an appetite or I just feel lazy… I just eat cereal! We have been going through boxes of shredded wheats and CHOCOLATE LUCKY CHARMS WITH THE UNICORNS!!

Working Out

I was so excited to get back to the gym. I waited till after my first trimester to get back to crossfit and working out. After the first trimester … you’re considered in the safe zone. The chances of miscarriages goes way down. When I went back to the gym… It was so exciting. I was doing modified workouts and I had my wife right there next to me motivating me and making sure I was okay. It only lasted for about two months until I found out my cervix was shrinking and they had to put the pessary in. When we went to the hospital and we got the news about my cervix… they wanted me to take it easy. (READ the Pessary Blog HERE)

working out makes me happy. it makes me feel good. I have more energy and I love my gym and workout partner (My wife) …. so not going to the gym has been pretty difficult for me. Yes I am still walking about staying busy… but its not the workouts I am craving.

I had to realize that I can’t just think about myself now. I have two little humans growing inside of me that I have to worry about. This is not a time to be selfish. I am going to take it easy for the rest of my pregnancy and just do some walking. It’s just making more motivated for the bounce back. 


I feel like the nesting phase hit Missy first and HARD! Or maybe she is just super excited for the twins to get here. She has been going hardcore around the house. I have been doing what I can like shopping for the nursery decorations and cleaning out our house. Getting rid of things we aren’t using or don’t need anymore has been my favorite.

The wife has redone the flooring in the nursery and the guest bedroom. She has painted both the nursery and the guest bedroom,  made room in all the closets and drawers for diapers and bottles… she has been killing this nesting thing. we have redone and rearrange so much in the house and I am loving it! We even ordered a new patio set for our family to sit on out back! 

Training our dog and getting him prepared for the changes is another big thing we have been focusing on! Marlowe has been the only child and the baby of the house for so long… we just want to make sure he is prepped for the craziness! Our amazing friend and dog trainer came over to our house with some of her kids toys and a fake baby! She should us how to tell Marlowe “Easy” and “Leave it”… plus she showed us how to get him used to the changes and the new scents! I am hoping to Vlog about the process too! 

PHOTO CRED goes to Moments By Michelle Marie 

Most of the  nursery is knocked out before our baby shower! People keep asking what they can do to help… and I feel bad… because we (mostly missy) have done most of the prepping!! Our baby shower is in a week and we’ll be sharing all that we can with you! 

I feel like we are so ready for the twins. OR i should say — as ready as we can be! Who knows when they are going to come… that’s why we scheduled the baby shower so early in the pregnancy (27 weeks)
Wifey Life

I feel closer than ever to my wife right now. I didn’t think it was possible to love her any more than I did before the pregnancy BUT I DO! We have been spending a lot of time just enjoying each others company. Whether it be cuddling on the couch or going on little staycations. She is the best sidekick and I am so happy that she chose me to spend her life with. I feel so lucky. Marlowe (our dog) is super lucky too 😉

She has gone above and beyond for me through this pregnancy. There was a time where I didn’t know what was going on.. it was the weirdest thing ever. Maybe it was the baby brain (or the hormones just going crazy) But I didn’t know where i was. I was on my way home and was so confused. Like I was lost. I thought I was at the wrong house.. I started having a panic attack. She left work and came home (found me sitting on the closet floor) and held me until i fell asleep.

Plus those couple of weeks when I was really REALLY sick (Heres a blog about that)… she was at the store every single day trying to find things to make me feel better! 

Biggest Challenge/Fears

I would say some of the biggest challenges that I have are mentally being prepared. I always think of the what ifs and that tends to get the best of me. But I am not keeping these unrealistic crazy thoughts in my head.. I always bring them up to Missy and she calms me down. What would I do without her lol. 

Not being able to workout and do a lot of things I did before the Pessary has been a huge challenge for me too. 

and CLOTHES! FIND CLOTHES to fit me and that feel comfortable has been such a task! I cleaned out my whole closet basically one day because I was so frustrated with what I had and that nothing was fitting! I have been finding a lot of good summer flowy outfits from TJ Maxx! AND i score two new bathing suits from Tj Maxx. Target has been good too… and the larges at Forever 21. On most days… I just wear workout clothes. Thats what I am comfortable in. 

One thing that I am afraid of… is forgetting to date my wife. My life with my wife is so perfect and I know when the twins come that we are going to be so busy with them and so happy with the new adventures… I am scared that we are going to forget to date each other. That is one thing that I know we will have to remember to do. Yes it’s not about us anymore… But we will still have wifey adventures. 

I cant wait to share MORE of our Maternity photoshoot with  Moments By Michelle Marie … Probably later this week 😉
Coming Soon — The Nursery Vlog/Blog, Our Baby Shower Vlog/blog,  OH and I PROMISE we will share the baby names with you all… SOON!

Thank you so much for following our journey! Make sure you subscribe to my site and to our YouTube for some more updates! ALSO— if you are going through this process… I am sending all the baby dust your way!


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  1. Jasmine says:

    This just made my Monday morning. Thank you for sharing the update. You guys are the best and I love love the photo shoot so far. The pictures and the way Michelle captures the moments its absolutely beautiful.
    So happy things are going well. High five to Missy as well for just being the best wife ever!! ??take care guys looking forward to what’s to come. Thank you also for the baby dust! Although our journey has been put on a slight hold, praying once we have the procedure we will be cleared to move forward with 1st IUI. ??

  2. Cyn says:

    I just found your YOUTUBE channel, which led me to your blog…soooooo HERE I AM!
    I am so very happy for your happy family. The videos brought tears to my eyes and I just had to find out more. We have a daughter who is planning on proposing to her partner very soon and we are absolutely over the moon! Then, they mentioned having a baby in their future, (something I thought neither would ever say!) and suddenly our happiness increased exponentially.
    I am ecstatic to read more about your coming days and welcoming your babies in the very near future.
    Congrats, happiness and love!

  3. Fiona martin says:

    Omg i love your channel and cant wait for the twins to be in this world!

  4. mouna says:

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