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I have added about 15 minutes to my morning and night routine. Those 15 minutes consist of me rubbing things all over my body. From head to toe! Here are some of the Pregnancy Skin Products that I am using! (PROMO CODE for a discount is at the bottom!)

I’ve had some people DM me and ask about the pregnancy skin products I’ve been using soooo… Here we go! I have been rubbing a lot of things on my body and so far so good! No stretch marks and the skin feels great!

I stumbled upon the spoiled mama on instagram and read their reviews… it was all positive feedback! I decided to reach out to them to give them a shot! These opinions are all mine and they did not pay me to say these things! 

These three have been SO GREAT during my pregnancy! I use them every single day. Sometimes twice a day.

The indulge stretch mark scrub is  a sugar scrub that I use in the shower  for stretch marks and it smells sooo good! It kind of reminds me of Christmas because of its fresh peppermint scent. I have even caught the wife using it in the shower 😉 

The Tummy butter is something I have used in the morning and at night. It makes my skin feel so soft! I rub it all over the tummy, my back, my hips, my butt, and my boobs! It really is the best cocoa butter I have ever used and it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

The third thing in this amazing stretch mark prevention trio is The Bump Gloss. I mainly use this at night before I lay down for bed. It has a beautiful lavender scent that is relaxing and it makes you feel super hydrated. The reason I use this before bed is because it is a little oily and I don’t want to have it on my clothes all day long… laying in bed.. I am perfectly fine with! 

On top of all those stretch mark prevention products… they sent over some pregnancy skin care products! 


I’m not going to lie.. I am a picker. If I see a blackhead or a pimple coming along.. I will pick until I think that thing is gone. I know it’s bad! BUT I haven’t been really doing that through my pregnancy because I haven’t needed to! These products seem to help increase that pregnancy glow. 

There is the acne serum and the acne toner!

Hormonal acne during pregnancy is super common and that is where the serum comes in for the rescue!  I use the Rehab before bed time!

The Balanc toner is something I spray on my face in the mornings. Like some serums and toners… these don’t make your face feel sticky. They are nice and refreshing. PLUS SAFE during pregnancy which put my mind at ease. 

OH and I forgot to mention that these products are toxin free and they are vegan! I usually couldn’t care less if my products were toxin free or vegan (just being straight up with you) BUT every since I found out I was pregnant… I AM ALL ABOUT IT! 

They were so kind to gift me these products and I am now forever in love with their Brand!

You can check out their website RIGHT HERE!

They have great gift bundles if you know someone who is expecting and you can also shop by concern. So if you are struggling with swollen ankles or cracked nipples… They’ve got you covered!!! 

Plus you can use my code: BASPOIL18CV for 20% off!

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  1. Chris says:

    Enjoy your posts very much. You both look so happy.

    Please consider calling breasts breasts rather than the slang term boobs.

    Thank you.

  2. Jasmine says:

    This is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us. ?

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