The Dreaded Two Week Wait!

Any woman trying to get pregnant KNOWS about the dreaded two week wait! It is the WORST!

A lot of us playing this pregnancy game know it as the 2ww or the TWW. Those 14 days are just downright AWFUL! These are the days between the time you attempt to get pregnant (whether that be naturally, artificially, medically) and the time you do your blood work or your at home pregnancy test! 

The first IUI round and the two week wait was so bad for me. It was terrible. Every little twitch, pull, cramp, symptom was playing a mind game with me. Of course since we are doing IUI I am on a ton of other medications like 100 mg of progesterone every night and the trigger shot in my system… so that was also messing with my head. I didn’t know if it was just the medications or if I was actually pregnant.

I stopped working out (doctors orders) just in case. My schedule was wake up, work, eat, and sleep. OH and focus on everything that was going on with my body. This is what I suggest you NOT DO! Every waking minute of the day (and in the middle of the night) I was thinking about whether or not I was pregnant. It became an obsession. Which it does become an obsession for many women. How could you not think about it constantly when you want it so badly! We wanted it so badly the first time.. I would cry for no reason. Again — this is what NOT to do!

Of course if you haven’t heard.. Our first IUI was unsuccessful. Which killed me. But then I had to stop and think about all of the other women who have been struggling with infertility for years and years. This was only my first negative result. I had to remind myself that this was or could be the beginning of a long journey for us.  Here are the results AND VIDEO of our first IUI results!

The second time we did the IUI and the second 2ww… We made sure I was busy!

Missy is really good with keeping me busy. Going on long family walks. Trying a new restaurant. Meeting up with friends. Going to see a movie. Getting our toes done. I am always doing something.  And THAT my friends is how you can make it through the two week wait. It is hard to just tell you to stay busy… but I am telling you. IT WILL GO BY SO MUCH FASTER and you won’t be playing mind games with yourself!

If you or someone you know is going though or about to go through  the two week wait… I made this printable for you! Download it. Print it out… and stay busy! YOU GOT THIS!


This is the downloadable one!

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Also if you want to follow along with us on YouTube —  HERE is my channel!

By the way… the book that I am reading in this pic is SO good! You have to read it! It’s another way to take your mind off things 🙂 Check it out on AMAZON HERE!

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  1. J says:

    You could not have posted this at a better time! I’m just beginning our first cycle of IUI and nervous over the TWW that’s still a week away. Ha! And forgive me if I’m prying but you wrote this as if your finished the TWW? Hoping for great news!

    1. sondrarae says:

      It is so rough! BUT you GOT THIS! Stay busy and know that it’ll happen when it should. Thank you so much… hopefully with more blood work… we will be able to update our process with you all soon! <3

      1. J says:

        Congrats! I suspected yall were having more than one (I was SURE you were preggo with at least 1!) when you posted this. That is so awesome! We are getting ready for our 2nd round. Hoping its lucky #2 for us too. Thank you guys soo much for sharing your story, it really helps ?

  2. Kelly says:

    You are so sweet to share this with others, wishing the best for you and Missy <3

  3. Lynn says:

    My niece went through this, the 3rd time was her charm! Baby due in May! It will happen for you!

    1. sondrarae says:

      WOW! Congrats to her and the fam <3 Thank you so much!

  4. Re says:

    You two ew so I’m praying this round works and you will share amazing news soon. Best wishes to you both ❤️

    1. Re says:

      You two ARE SO CUTE! It didn’t come our right above ?‍♀️?‍♀️

      1. sondrarae says:

        Thank you so much!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    I am looking forward to seeing an update from you. I really hope you are pregnant this time. You will both will be great mommies. Pregnancy news is so exciting.

  6. Steph says:

    Living vicariously through you before we start this journey on our own. You have our support and all our good vibes! Looking forward to reading more blog posts!

  7. Jodie says:

    Yay!!! Welcome to the mom of twins ‘club’!
    It’s an awesome experience, savor every moment❤️

  8. Berliza says:

    Congrats wish you and your wife the best. My husband and I are on the 2 week waiting period just went thru the ivf process a couple days ago. Taking some of your advice on how to keep myself busy. Thanks for all the info you give. Bless you and your family.

  9. Melba says:

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