Second Round of IUI Shots & Pills

Giving the phrase “Body Shots” a whole new meaning!

Here we go again! We have started our second round of pills and shots for our next IUI procedure! This time I have to take two more shots to the stomach…. giving the phrase “Body Shots” a whole new meaning! 

After this… we try the insemination again! We got this! Hopefully…

Check out our first IUI Vlogs HERE!

We apologize for not keeping you updated so often… we really just wanted to take a little time to ourselves after we found out the first procedure didn’t work! But we are back and ready to share the love and answer any questions that you all have! We appreciate all your kind words!


I can tell you one thing… Blogging and getting it all out there has helped me mentally. Seeing your  comments and all the people who can relate to us is amazing. THANK YOU.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Rae & Missy!!
    I feel dumb sending this as a little fan girl but I know that all the motivation and support is helpful to read. I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed following your journey. I used to live in Orlando and listen to your morning show everyday and then I remember hearing it the day of your wedding and insta stalking you two (sorry haha) it was so beautiful. Your love story makes me so happy to watch. I’m straight but I love love love so much seeing other people’s love story pan out and beat the odds and prove others wrong. I actually just saw your post on love simon and that movie has made me cry the two times I’ve seen it. It’s truly so empowering watching everything you have to go through in order to conceive, I actually didn’t know the process either. Pregnancy is just so mesmerizing to me how your body changes and everything. I’ve eagirly awaited each post you’ve made and get so giddy to listen to it at work whenever y’all do. Rae you’re so strong for taking in all those injections I don’t do needles either and Missy is so cute getting excited to give you the shots. I’m hopeful that this second IUI will work and you guys will be pregnant! Good luck in the future and I shall wait for the next posts

    Love Amanda, a small Atlanta fan ❤️

  2. Amber says:

    My partner and I are looking to start this process within the next 6 months. This was very helpful for me to know what the initial start even looks like. I did notice that you didn’t mention anything about tracking or charting your cycle? Was that something you did to know when to inseminate? Or know when the best fertile time was? I am wondering about that part for your experience.

    I used to love one FL but we moved to Roanoke, Va and am hoping we can find a same sex couple friendly Fertility place. Any suggestions on how to find one?

    Thank you SO much for sharing your experience!!! Very happy for you both!!????

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