Babymoon Staycation at The Waldorf Astoria

The wife and I had a little babymoon staycation at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando and it was everything I could’ve asked for!

We are so ready for the twins to arrive (as ready as you can be) and we have been spending as much time as we possibly can together before they enter into this world. From nice date nights out to just laying in bed watching all the TV we can.

We had the opportunity to stay at one of the most beautiful hotels here in Central Florida for our Babymoon.  We didn’t want to go too far from home and the hospital because who knows when these twins will arrive! Making it past 30 weeks and having a high risk pregnancy… it was just better to stay in Orlando.

The Waldorf Asotria in Orlando is stunning!

From the time we pulled up to the hotel to the time valet brought us our car to check out… we were so impressed and RELAXED! The hospitality is like no other hotel we have ever stayed at… and that says a lot because we travel a lot! The staff at the hotel takes the time to learn your name! I thought it was just us…. but they knew all the guests by their last names! They were all just so sweet and go above and beyond!

While we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria we had breakfast at Oscars which is located right in the hotel. We ate there both mornings. It was SO GOOD! They have the biggest buffet and lineup of food. They serve customized omelets, a yogurt bar, and donut & sweets bar… SO MUCH! I could’ve stayed there for hours!

We spent the day at the pool in a gorgeous cabana that you can rent out for the day. This was SO relaxing. The wait staff brought us some fresh fruit and mocktails which were so refreshing! ALSO they heard that we liked unicorns and  they brought us a unicorn float! I told you… they go above and beyond.

After a couple of hours relaxing by the pool we had a couples massage at the gorgeous spa. As soon as you open the doors of the spa.. you instantly feel that relaxation. It was everything I could have asked for. Missy has been doing so much for me during this pregnancy and I just wanted to make sure that she got some relaxing in too!

After we finished up with the 50 minute massage… we both looked at each other and said “That was the best massage I’ve ever had” NO LIE! It was amazing.

If you ever want to relax and escape… check out the Waldorf Astoria Spa. Even if you don’t stay there… this is the nicest spa! They have a tea lounge and steam room that you can enjoy too if you don’t have time for a spa treatment.

When we got back to the room we had the sweetest gift waiting for us! The staff put pink and blue macaroons and sweets with a bottle of sparkling apple cider in our kitchen! ( Watch it in the Vlog below)

We threw on our robes and sipped on the apple cider  and devoured those delicious macaroons!

For dinner we went to La Luce which is located in the Hilton right next to the Waldorf Astoria. It was a quick ten minute walk to the most delicious Italian food I’ve had since Italy. THIS FOOD WAS INCREDIBLE! (You can see it below in the Vlog)

When the chef came over to see how it was… we were speechless and SO FULL! If you are in the Orlando area and want to celebrate a special occasion  or just want to take the fam to a nice dinner... CHECK OUT LA LUCE! 

Overall it was an amazing experience and so relaxing. I can’t thank the staff at the Waldorf Astoria enough! We can’t wait to come back with the kids!! 

Overall it was an amazing experience and so relaxing. I can’t thank the staff at the Waldorf Astoria enough! We can’t wait to come back with the kids!! 

I am working on our Nursery vlog/blog NEXT! PLUS we are getting ready to pack our hospital bags!!!!!!!! 

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