Police Wife Life – Struggles

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As I type this…. I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep well this past week because the wife wasn’t home that much. This is something I have to get used to. They say that being married to a detective/ law enforcement officer is tough. You can’t be weak or insecure. You can’t let your mind wander… and this is something that I am still getting used to. Last night I kept thinking… why is she not home yet? What’s happening?  Imagine waking up at 2am and looking over and noticing your spouse wasn’t home yet and they were supposed to be home at midnight…. Then you call them and can’t get a hold of them… once you hear from them and realize that everything is okay and trying to fall back asleep.

There are several days when her shift is supposed to end and it actually ends hours after. There are nights where I go all out in the kitchen (which is very rare because I’m not the best cook) and she’s still at work working overtime or stuck on a call … I would literally just sit in the kitchen looking at the front door waiting for her to walk in and try my food. I end up putting it in the fridge and going to bed. This is another thing I am getting used to… It has gotten better though because she is now a detective with somewhat normal hours. Keyword: Somewhat.

Besides the home life being a little crazy with my job and her job… there are the outsiders that throw in some extra pressure. People look at most officers as crooked gun carrying individuals that are on a power trip. And YES I do understand that there are some terrible people in this world and in every profession… but don’t take it out on the good ones. LEO’s put their lives on the line every day. They deserve our love and respect.  I just can’t stand hearing people say “F the Police” and they’re the first to call them when they’re in trouble… Just don’t hate all cops because of what one did to someone. THEY SAVE LIVES! And don’t forget that I sleep alone so you can sleep safely.

Even when she’s not working… she is always “on”. When we go out to a restaurant she has to be facing the door, watching whoever walks in, playing out scenarios in her head…. She is always mentally and physically prepared for anything to happen.

Then there are those stats that everyone likes to bring up… The divorce rate, the alcohol problems they could develop, them cheating on you… Blah. Blah. Blah. I just have to ignore all of that.

I know that being a police officer/detective is a lifestyle choice and I have to respect that. I have to be her rock and support system. I have to hold down the fort. Even before the wife entered the police academy she was always going above and beyond to make people happy and to protect them. I think it is safe to say that my wife is my hero.

One thing that I love and that I am so thankful for is the second family I have gained. There is our family in blue… her partners and their spouses.

And to my wife who keeps apologizing to me for working so much… STOP IT! I know what I signed up for ❤handcuffs

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